Terms and conditions

Terms of Sales

Club de plongée la Sirène – Djerba Diving Center
Affiliated Center each year to:

  • Tunisian Federation of Underwater Activities and Aquatic Rescue FTASS
  • World Confederation of Underwater Activities CMAS
  • PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors, N °: S-26668

Address :
BP 561 Houmt Souk
4180 Djerba,

Physical address :
Beach hotel Isis, Midoun
Djerba Tunisia

Youssef JRADI
20 Boulevard de Fontenay
The Perreux sur Marne, 94170
la France

Contact :
+216 98 423 718
+33 7 60 34 15 59

The Sirène diving club is a structure offering all activities related to diving
underwater, snorkling and underwater work.

1. The scope

These general conditions of sale are applicable to all relations
between our clients and our La Sirène diving club. The conditions are
available on the site under “GTC”. Any booking from our center diving
The Sirene implies acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.
The diving center La Sirène reserves the right to modify its conditions of sale at any
moment. In this case, the conditions applicable will be those in force on the date of the
order by the buyer.

2. Acceptance of general conditions of sale

By contracting a service offered by the La Sirène diving club, the client accepts the
present general conditions of sale and declares to have taken cognizance of
indications to scuba diving and be suitable for its practice. For any training
continuous, the client must present a medical certificate of no contraindication to practice
Bottled diving or snorkeling, less than a year old.
A minor student must be in possession of a parental authorization for diving or first aid
training with the diving club La Sirène.

3. Rates

All prices displayed on our website are expressed in euros and include all taxes inclusive (TTC).
The applicable rate and billed to the customer is that in force on the day of the placing the order
by the customer.

4. Reservations

The customer, who wishes to book a service can do it by the various means:

4.1. On-site reservations

The customer can come directly to the La Sirène dive center to book all proposed services.
If the benefit is immediate, he will have to pay the full cost before the start, if he reserves
for another date, he will have to pay the payment of a deposit of at least 30% of the cost
of the service, the balance will have to be paid during the day even of the realization of the
service or the first benefit in case of services successive. The method of payment accepted
on the spot is cash in euros, dollars or Tunisian dinars.

4.2. Reservations via our website

For all the activities proposed on the site sirene-plongee.com, the customer will be able to
directly book online by choosing a service to pay directly online through the secure Paypal
or Credit Card system. He has the choice between a total payment and a payment partial of
the benefit 30%. However, in the event of a sale of successive services, if the customer begins
to perform the benefits before the expiry of the withdrawal period, it would in any case in
respect of the La Sirène dive center, is liable for the price of the services provided.

4.3. Reservations by email at plongee_sirene@yahoo.fr

The customer who wishes to reserve only by mail will have to make a transfer of deposit of 30%,
via the secure Paypal or Credit Card system, if the service is in the relatively distant future
The confirmation of the order implies acceptance of these terms of sale, the recognition of
having perfect knowledge of it and the renunciation to avail oneself of its own purchase
conditions or other conditions. All data provided and the recorded confirmation will be
worth proof of the transaction. Confirmation will be worth signing and acceptance of
transactions. The Seller will communicate by e-mail confirmation of the registered order.

4.4. Reservations by phone at (+216) 98 423 718

The customer, to conclude the booking at the end of his call for a reservation, will have
pay a deposit of at least 30% of the cost of the service via Credit Card or the secure Paypal
system that uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol in such a way that the information
transmitted is encrypted by software and that no third party can take knowledge during
transport on the network. The balance must be paid the same day the realization of the service
or the first service in the event of successive services.
We also accept the reservation without the payment of deposit (by email or phone),
but for the good management of places, especially aboard its boats we do not
guarantee the availability of places for delivery, because we consider that the
reservation is unconfirmed.

5. Retraction & Cancellation

Buyers through the internet, must make the withdrawal 24h before the start of the
benefit to cancel and request a refund without penalty and without having to justify
reasons, with the exception of filing and return fees. A credit valid for one year all the
services offered by the La Sirène diving center can be delivered if the withdrawal period
has passed.
In the event that the client does not show up on the day of the reserved dive
the fixed schedule, the La Sirène dive center reserves the right to keep the deposit (down
payment) or the total amount of the service paid by the customer. Any activity started
will not give rise to any refund, if the cancellation is because of the client (personal
suitability, ear problem, stress or some reason it would be).
In case of cancellation for meteorological reasons, the diving center La Sirène may propose
the postponement of the service to a more favorable date, within the limits of Available seats.
If it is impossible for the client to postpone the services (duration of the stay too short), the
La Sirène dive center agrees to refund the amount of services not performed.

6. Damage or loss of material

The Customer agrees to use the material provided, carefully and to take all necessary
precautions to avoid damage, loss or theft. The customer further agrees to comply with the
instructions  of the monitor or guide on the use equipment when it is put in place, used and
when it is returned. Any return of an element in a state different from that in which it was
at the time of provision, means harm. In this case, the diving center La Sirène is authorized
to require the customer to pay a sum up to the amount that will be hired to repair or replace
the equipment. It is specified that the normal wear of the material will not be considered damage.

7. Obligations of the client

The customer must personally ensure that he is in possession of all qualifications and
pre-requisites for the activity he wishes to perform and produce the originals at the dive
center before the start of these activities. In particular when they are required: patent,
certification, medical certificate and dive log. The customer who comes to dive with his
own material undertakes to respect the precautions for use, as well as to check by itself
its own material before and after diving with the dive center, assuming an instructor
judge one or more elements of the non-compliant equipment, he will submit the diver to
use equipment from the center or a refusal to perform the service, the customer diver
remains under his full responsibility.

8. Validation of a diving level or first aid training

The validation of a level of diving is not automatic, it is sanctioned by the success
practical and / or theoretical tests. The La Sirène dive center reserves the right to
do not deliver a level of diving or first aid if the client has not reached the
minimum skills related to the level claimed by the training. This case does not
may result in no refund.

9. Accuracy for clients with disabilities

The La Sirène Dive Center makes no difference in the treatment of a customer who
would be diminished by a disability. However, we invite anyone (or guardian) who
wishes a particular care because of his visual, auditory, motor, cerebral to tell us when
booking by phone or email or at a meet at the club. Our club infrastructure allows you
to welcome any valid person or no with easy access spaces. The handling of a motor
handicap is compromised to get on the boat. It is why we offer an alternative in diving
activities without boat since our beach La Sirène.

10. Responsibilities

The customer is automatically covered in civil liability during the sessions organized by the
dive center because of the insurance contracted by the center of diving The La Sirène.  The client
is advised to take out additional insurance (injuries and equipment) to practice the activity of
scuba diving. The seller, in the process of selling online, is held only by an obligation of means;
liability can not be incurred for damage resulting from the use of the Internet network such as
data loss, intrusion, viruses, service disruption, or other involuntary problems.

11. Completeness of the GSC

The invalidity of one of the clauses of these General Conditions of Sale does not entail
the nullity of the totality of the General Conditions of Sale.