Underwater  Works & Services

La Sirène Djerba Diving Club also offers professional underwater work services.

The expertise and know-how of our staff, combined with our specialized equipment in an underwater environment, allow us to offer superior services.

Operating as consultants and experts to our clients, we are able to perform almost all types of underwater work such as:

  • Inspection and underwater expertise.
  • Bathymetric levet.
  • Search and retrieval of bodies submerged.
  • Underwater photography and videography.
  • Fouling and maintenance of diving equipment.
  • Unblocking and cleaning filters and grids of pumping stations.
  • Placement of cofferdams with monitoring of seals.
  • Port work: laying of blocks and installation of the wharf.
  • Maintenance and replacement of the Anodes for the piles of the maritime platforms.
  • Installation and installation of thalasso conduits with follow-up quarterly inspectio

All our certified divers have been trained to master the welding and underwater cutting methods.

In addition, all our work is done with respect for the environment. We strive to have an eco-friendly attitude at all times.